Animal Portraits

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Subects I have draw so far…..

Cats… Dogs… Pony… Horse… Donkeys… Bird’s… Squirrel’s… Turtel… Mince… Hippo… Snowy Owl… Parrot… Kingfisher… Canadian Bluejay… White Bunny… Otter… Leopard… Brown Bear… Elephants… Silerback Gorilla.

Some background history. When I was very young my Dad gave me a box brownie camera and I soon got snapping all the wildlife and family pets. More recently with my love of animals, I started designing greeting cards and using photoshop to make the animals look more fun by placing hats and glasses on them.

In lockdown I started to draw cats and dogs in coloured pencils and have not looked back since. I draw portraits of past and present family pets which is the perfect way to remember them forever, also the perfect gift.

I create fine art portraits of animals using high quality paper and lightfast coloured pencils. My work is realistic but not hyper-realistic which is a different genre. See gallery below.

Portraits are presented mounted and unframed. Framing can be arranged at extra cost, please enquire for details. The portrait will also have a Certificate of Authenticity.

Sizes and Price List

Prices below are for portraits of head & shoulders and is drawn on a plain background.

Prices depend upon complexity of the portrait, ie a full body portrait or if a background is added or more detailed background is required.

Size 1 Pet 2 Pets 3 Pets 4 Pets
A5 – 10x14cm £100 N/A N/A N/A
A4 – 20x30cm £150 £220 N/A N/A
A3 – 30x40cm £220 £290 £360 £430

Prices do not include frames or shipping

For more details on your portrait, please contact me on 07973 366 695 or email mail on use the contact form  contact sue

How it all works

1st step. Getting to know my clients and their pets is the starting point for all portraits. A successful portrait which captures the personality and character of a pet always relies upon exchange of creative ideas between the client and the artist.

I have lots of info on how to take good photographs of your pet. Always happy to review photographs that you already have and let you know if the detail is enough for me to work with.

2nd step. When we have agreed on a composition and final size of the portrait, we will then discuss the total cost and approximate timescale. If you are trying to meet a specific deadline, please let me know.

Once we have agreed which photograph to use and composition, I will send you a commission contract between you the client and me the artist.

At this stage a deposit of £50 will be required to secure the commission and place it in line with current work. If for reasons, I am unable to complete your artwork, your deposit will be refunded to you.

I will then contact you when starting the artwork and will keep you informed of progress.

3rd step. Only if you are entirely happy with the completed artwork will I then request payment of the balance.

4th step. The portrait will be heading your way.

Please Scroll down to bottom to view full gallery of all animal portraits and reviews from happy clients.

Please contact me with any questions you may have if you are thinking of having your family pet portrait done.


07973 366 695 (if I dont pick up I may be in a meeting, leave your details so I can get back to you)

or use the contact form  contact sue 

Look forward to hearing from you



Review from Hugh P.

“Sue is hugely talented: for my commission, she captured the heart and
soul and very essence of Wiske, a beautiful Belgian donkey, in a
fabulous portrait, working from a photograph she took herself. It is
beyond lifelike – the likeness is uncanny and the subject is beautifully
framed and mounted too. I already knew it was going to turn out well
but it has surpassed even my high expectations and has drawn praise from
everyone who’s seen it. Wiske is getting old now, but in Sue’s portrait
she will live forever. Thank you Sue.  Hugh P.”




A review from Sue & Alan V

We lost our wonderful little girl Taylor on 7th Feb 2023 at the age of 14 years, after having her since she was 6 weeks old. Our lives are empty, no sunshine and no heartbeat in the home. We contacted Sue, who kindly took on the task of drawing our Taylor for us. After sending many photographs, Sue communicated with us to get the right photo for us. She photoshopped the photo to get the best outcome, we now have the completed drawing in our front room. The drawing of Taylor has exceeded all our expectations, capturing her face so lifelike it brings a warm glow into our lives once again. Visitors to our home who have known Taylor, remark at the likeness and character that Sue has captured with our little girl. Sue has captured her eyes, and they have the tendency to look back at you, even following you wherever you are in the room, it’s very comforting. We are more than pleased with this drawing and wish to thank Sue for putting so much into this drawing that the detail and likeness are outstanding. It gives us a warmth in our lives……Sue, thank you.Sue & Alan V


Review from Sue B. This is 1 of 3 portraits I have done for her.

“I am really impressed with how good the portrait of Muffin is. Everyone cannot believe what a good likeness and all done in pencil and was framed as well. Sue B”


Review from Sue B. This is 2 of 3 portraits I have done for her.

“It was really hard getting my cat Treacle to pose, but after I sent a lot of photos to Sue, she drew an amazing picture of Treacle which I cannot believe is all done in pencil. A very professional artist, please give her a try. Sue B”


A review from Graham

I felt I must write and thank you for the stunning artwork you have managed to provide me with. It’s differcult to put into words how you have captured the very presence of my tricolour Border Collie. It hangs in pride of place and every single visitor to my house has walked up to the portrait and remarked what a simply stunning piece of artwork it is. Thanks for this wonderful effort, what an amazing talent you have! All the very best, Graham H …. And of course Stan.



Review from Nigel.

“Very impressed with the likeness, brings a tear to my eye when I look at it. I’m so glad I had It done. I have a new dobby now and will be getting him done too. Nigel L”


Review from Karen

“Really pleased with the portrait of our pet cat. It was a very good likeness of her and captured her facial expression perfectly. Such fine detail in the work and framed beautifully. Very happy with the end result. Karen”


Review from Sue B. This is 3 of 3 portraits I have done for her.

“Mickey an inside cat kept disappearing and thought we would never capture his big whiskers and soft thick fur. Sue Greenald is a gifted artist and to look at the picture she has drawn all with pencil is so clever and lots of people have commented on it. Sue B”

German Shepard. Won 2nd prize in the 2022 Waltham Abbey Art Trail


Review from Pauline. This is 1 of 2 portraits I have done for her.

“Our beloved Okye captured perfectly by Sue and hangs pride of place on our wall. So talented. Pauline M”


Review from Marcus & Neale. 

“So pleased with Sue’s work of our schnauzer Humphrey. Not only is it so realistic, she has captured his personality beautifully. I literally cannot walk by it without staring into his eyes. Sue also advised us on the perfect frame to choose and framed him for us. Have seen lots of Sue’s work in local exhibition and cannot recommend her highly enough. Marcus & Neale”

My beauitful Mogul 


Review from Anne. This is 3 of 3 portraits I have done for her.

“Once again Sue, you have made me so happy to be able to look at my loyal and much loved “Lollipop” everyday. Her eyes are amazing and I feel she’s watching over me, bless her xx Anne B”



Review from Anne. This is 2 of 3 portraits I have done for her.

 “Thank you so much Sue for the picture of my gorgeous mare “Veya”. I miss her terribly and looking at her pretty face everyday reminds me how gorgeous she was xx Anne B”


Tzar & Teah

Review from Sarah

“I really recommend Moggies and More as Sue is such a talented artist. She spends a lot of time and care over drawings and everyone she does is just amazing. She drew my dogs Teah & Tzar recently and I was overwhelmed with how good the drawing was. She really captured their character well. Sarah T”


A review from Viv C. This was Gifted to my best friend Viv. 

“Took my breath away. Sue surprised me with the portrait of Millie resting on her favourite chair. The electronic image on the website does not do justice to the actual portrait; every hair, every whisker and expression, losing myself Millie’s gorgeous eyes. It feels like Millie is in the room again. Viv C”


Review from Pauline. This is 2 of 2 portraits I have done for her.

“Georgie’s adorable face so lovingly drawn by Sue will be treasured always. Pauline M”


Review from Lorraine. This is 2 of 2 portraits I have done for her.

“A true depiction of one of my cats. This is so lifelike and I am so pleased with the finished drawing. The fur looks so real you feel like could stroke it for real. Lorraine K”


Review from Lorraine. This is 1 of 2 portraits I have done for her.

“This portrait of my cat Milo was drawn by my friend Sue. The detail is outstanding and so true to life. Such a lifelike picture. Lorraine K”

My fluffy Iski


Review from Anne. This is 1 of 3 portraits I have done for her.

“OMG Sue, it’s like looking at Barney. It’s made me cry, I love it, thank you so much. Anne B” 

Lovely Market Cat in Lanzarote

Sylvia a Lanzarote restaurant cat


 Bichon frise dog


Mouse and Berries

Silverback Gorilla

Elephants trunk to trunk

Leopard resting on a tree

Bear in the grass

Leopards eye

Squirrel on a branch

Kingfisher on a branch

Mr Hippo

Sea Turtel

Snowy Owl


Squirrel sitting in moss

Fluffy white Bunny

Otter on a rock

Canadian Bluejay